DVR'S Supply

LOLUTECH range of BT878a PCI Video Capture Cards / DVR Cards provide a flexible means for making your own security video surveillance system. The BT878a chip is fully supported in Linux and these cards work well with that great FREE Linux application Zoneminder
Product description:
4 Input capture card based on the 878a chip. Provides up to 25 frames per second divided across the used inputs e.g. you can have 25 frames per second maximum with one camera connected or 6 frames per second per camera maximum with all four inputs being used. PTZ camera's can be controlled via the PC serial port using the Pelco protocol.
The card is supplied with Windows WDM drivers for 3rd party applications using XP or Vista 32 bit OS. It works great with LINUX and instructions are supplied for the '/etc/modprobe.d/bttv.conf' file when using the card with LINUX and Zoneminder.
The card works great with Active Webcam for Windows and up to 4 x cards can be used simultaneously to provide you with a cost effective 16 camera system. The card is also supplied with a copy of the original software shipped with them which can be used on older operating systems e.g. win2000 or XP SP1 only in case you want to use an old machine to make a cost effective DVR.